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Enquiries & Bookings

Over the last 9 years when he's not filming, writing books or hosting his own hugely popular Party Night Tours, Mark has been exceptionally busy making numerous personal appearances and working at many major events.
Mark can provide a complete package including creative theming, props and event management:
Mark Jenkins
* Small private parties including Birthdays, Weddings, Hen Nights etc 
* Large Corporate Events
* Hosting day, evening and weekend entertainment programmes
* Attending and supporting numerous charity events 
* Hosting Awards Ceremonies 
* Motivational Business Speaking
* Scripted speeches and comedy sketches
* Charity Auctions (he's a great Auctioneer)
* Quizzes and Game Shows-Marks interpretation of the best of the 
   TV formats and some unique ones of his own
Mark can devise and execute tailormade activites to suit each indvidual booking


Any enquires regarding
Personal Video Messages
Please email via link below

  Sara Cameron Talent

Video Messages

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