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The Mark Jenkins 'Inter-Web' Show 

The Mark Jenkins 'Inter-Web' Show
In this unique 5 part mini series
Mark does everything himself becoming the Producer, Editor, Cameraman, Soundman etc. 
After a day out in London Mark searches the 'Inter-Web'  looking for holiday bargains and finds he can fly off to 'Gothenburg in Sweden' for £4.99, 'Ibiza the party capital of Europe' for £19.99, 'Marrakesh in Africa' for £24.99 and finally 'Rome in Italy' for £22.50.
For the 5th and final episode to Rome he launched a competition and took the winner with him.
Armed with just a 'Selfie Stick' and the camera on his iPhone, these are the hilarious results!

Episode 3

Ibiza the party capital of Europe £19.99

Episode 1  

A day out in London 

Episode 4

Marrakesh in Africa for £24.99

Episode 2

Gothenburg in Sweden for £4.99

Episode 5

Rome in Italy for £22.50

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